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When weighing in on personal firewall protection software, there are three important factors that should be considered prior to making a decision.   The first and most important is that the updates for the software must be continuous and be prompt to address the ever-changing hostile environment that users are accustomed to.  The second factor I would look at is load or how the software impacts the performance of my computer.  Many firewall software suites I’ve used in the past have severely hampered my performance to the point where I have even disabled the software to accomplish certain things on my system which defeats the purpose of having the software.  The last factor I take into account is how easy it is to manipulate and use the software.  When you download a software suite designed to protect you system, it needs to be “plug-n-play” type software that doesn’t require too much thought into installation and configuration.  This is especially important when you are recommending software to install to protect a family members computer.   That is unless you like to receive family tech support calls on those least opportune moments such as during one of your weekend football games.


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