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     I recently came across an interesting article on the FBI’s web site in regards to a new malware that seems to be growing in popularity by holding an unsuspecting victim’s computer for ransom.  The ransomware, known as Reveton, freezes your system and then brings up a window indicating that your IP address has violated United States federal law by participating in an illegal activity such as child pornography, illegal downloading, and or distribution of copyright content.  According to the FBI, some versions of Reveton even “turn on computer webcams and display the victim’s picture on the frozen screen.” The pop-up window goes on to say that if you want to unlock your computer, you are instructed to pay a fine upwards to $200 via a prepaid credit card or a payment service.  The geographic location of the victim’s IP address determines what payment services are offered within their area and in some cases, the pop-up window will even include a code entry box for payment.

According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), this is one nasty virus to remove and sometimes the malware you think you have eradicated continues to operate to commit online fraud. There a few ways to remove this virus and those methods can be found on the Internet by doing your research.  That is of course if you can still access the Internet.

Stay safe and be vigilant!


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